TSA & Inprova Group

A Partnership for Progress

Procurement specialist Inprova Group and the TSA have launched a partnership to improve how Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is commissioned and procured. The partnership will give TSA members access to procure TEC including telecare and telehealth products and services plus a wide range of complementary business focussed categories. The partnership addresses current problems around public sector TEC purchasing which many believe is unconnected, uncompetitive and often non-compliant. Aggregation of demand will be combined with in-house category support and expertise to push down prices, raise quality and encourage innovation in the supply chain.

In addition to TEC the partnership also opens up access to more than 25 OJEU compliant framework contracts structured to enable you to procure everything required to deliver your services, run your business and with our energy offer, power your organisation. There are multiple lots within many of the frameworks and many different ways in which they can be deployed to provide best value and the most appropriate solution for your particular needs.

A selection of frameworks available

Accessing the framework agreements

Many of the frameworks on offer are delivered by more than one nominated supplier. If you are looking to take advantage of a multi-supplier framework, you need to follow one of two EU compliant processes.

1. You can simply ‘call off’ products or services from the framework using the ranking system without holding a mini-competition. The number one ranked supplier presented the most economically advantageous offer using the original award criteria. If that provider for any reason could not supply the items required at that time, you would go to the provider offering the next most economically advantageous offer, and so on.

2. Where the terms laid down in the framework agreement are not precise enough or if you have a more substantial requirement, a mini-competition should be held. The competition should include suppliers awarded to the framework that are capable of meeting your particular needs.


There are two different mini-competition services with a selection of tools and templates for you to take advantage of depending on your needs. The ‘standard’ service is free and will suit those organisations with the resources to complete the evaluation. For those organisations that require additional support we offer a ‘premium’ service with a small cost that is agreed when we discuss the specification. 

The benefits of a mini-competition

Mini-competitions are much faster and less laborious than a full tender process and there is no need to advertise the requirement in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The process also allows you to further refine your exact requirements whilst retaining the benefits offered under the original framework agreement.

For further information on any of the frameworks listed and how to access them through the Inprova team, please get in touch.